Internal information channel

    Mission, Vision and Values are the essential principles JUNO. These principles are our reference to always act correctly and make decisions based on professional and transparent ethics, in order to achieve our goal of achieving the dream of the people who come to our centers.


JUNO's commitment to ethics and compliance with the law is a fundamental part of our culture. Which is why we carry out our activity in compliance with our Code of Ethics and Conduct and we have established internal policies and procedures that guarantee compliance with it.

Integrity and responsibility

The set of rules, principles and values ​​that are part of JUNO constitutes the ethical model of behavior that must inspire and govern at all times the actions of all members of JUNO (administrators, representatives, managers, employees, and in general, all professionals who provide professional services for JUNO), being mandatory for all of them.


JUNO offers you an internal information channel through which you can safely and confidentially communicate irregular conduct, illegal acts or acts contrary to the law, which refer to or affect the scope of activity of JUNO, with the commitment to initiate the pertinent corrective actions in the cases in which it is deemed necessary.